Ugh….. PSLE coming less than 20 days and I’m still here…..

Just to let you know that I’m on hiatus from now.


Cutix: Aww, you’re such a foul-mouthed, jerkyhooves!

Very late reblog.

Cutix: Aww, you’re such a foul-mouthed, jerkyhooves!

Cutix: I mean, Sister also wear purple. Since I’m her creation, I chose pink and purple as my favorite colors.

I went to improve a new art style and here’s what I get.

Anyway, have a new avatar as well.

Edit: I forgot that I already went to the first anniversary of the blog since June 27, 2013. So, hooray!
Draw Cutix In Superman: the Animated Series Style :3

Sorry, I can’t draw that style.

Any cartoon drawing styles are still acceptable.


Featuring ask-luna-bagel.


The storyline is continuing, followers. Don’t wanna miss it. It starts when Equestria is in cold. Also, last two panels are colored.

I forgot about the story in twilight-two-souls. So it has to be interesting for you to check it out!

Would not know what an 18-year-old girl looks like in Johnny Bravo, but that is a rule that says about making black eyes in Cartoon Network, so here is Johnny Bravo Styled Cutix.

Suppose Cutix is a Launch-style?